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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

The Year of XI - Christ Jesus is Lord

Welcome to Pastures New - Sunday School

This year I am starting to compile my second book; Welcome to Pastures New - Sunday School. I also hope to have my first book; Welcome to Pastures New - The journey; available in e-book format, to be downloaded free from this website.

UK Government organisation “Ofsted” is considering to monitor Sunday Schools in Britain and many have voiced opposition to any suggestion of government interference in what is taught in Sunday Schools. There are valid justifications on both sides of this argument, so let us look briefly at historical teaching of the Christian Faith and Political interventions.

When the Christian Church split around 300 AD, it was caused because of a breakdown of agreement to words included in “The Nicene Creed”. The Orthodox I understand, objected to the wording of The Holy spirit proceeding from the Father and The Son, which resulted in The Orthodox Church and Catholic Church going separate ways and growing apart. With the distance of time, language and enlightenment, our understanding continues to mature and it is not worth arguing over a few words that caused misunderstanding between those considered educated at the time.

Around King Henry XIII time, the Lutheran Movement was gaining strength and an argument that King Henry should pay a substantial amount of money to have his marriage annulled by the Pope, which is a vile practice the Vatican still observes today, led to bloodshed and another split within Christendom that resulted in a growing Protestant Movement and the establishment of The Church of England.

The Catholic Church was originally formed using structures that the Roman Empire used to influence the world and conquer. The Vatican decided what was to be included in the bible and took out what it did not like around 300 AD and this is known today as The New Testament.

Since The Apostle Paul was a Roman Soldier and influential in the politics of the Roman Empire, most of what is included in the New Testament is based on the Apostle Paul because the Catholic Church used his popularity within the Roman Empire to spread Christianity throughout the world.

To be continued