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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

The Good Shepherd

Following The Teachings of Christ

Jesus told His Disciples that there are many things He wanted to teach and reveal to them; but they was not ready yet to understand. Therefore when we refer to Scripture and seek to understand it; we must always remember it is the Holy Ghost that teachers us; from within our hearts and minds.

We may find that some teachings are hard to understand; while others we become more aware of the truth has we grow in faith. We need to respect our ancestors and their testimony of faith; which is what Scripture is; and realise that humanity are far more aware with the growth of science of matters that our ancestors did not know when they wrote their testimony’s. Today; people know the world is round and the process of evolution.

We now know that God created all things through evolution; which we can see each spring and summer when a tadpole evolves into a frog and a caterpillar into a butterfly and this is creation testifying to the beauty of God’s creative power.

By being aware of this and realising that God is within all creation; God can begin to transform us in His image by the power of the Holy Spirit which gives us life; so that our hearts and minds may become one with God; liberated and free.

One Heavenly Fathers Message

“ My Children, I Am with you, and I Will Never Let You Go.”

I received this message just after midnight on Friday 16th May 2014. Our Heavenly Father spoke these words which were not just personal to me. It is a promise and a call for personal and private prayer within our homes.