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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Syrian Conflict

An Open Letter

To President Putin & President Obama & All World Leaders

I humbly pray that you will both accept my heart felt prayer that you will both be able to build bridges to enable the world to find peace.

It is important that everyone is aware that the Syrian Conflict requires delicate diplomacy and that nobody knows the whole truth because truth is always the first casualty in any conflict. The most anyone can do is to give an honest appraisal of the situation.

There are legitimate concerns on both sides of the conflict and all World Leaders must abide by the United Nations Charter For Human Rights and act justly. It is not just the Syrian Government that needs to be held responsible for the brutal attacks on the Syrian People, but also the Rebels also, for both sides have acted in ways that cannot be tolerated.

I urge you all to agree to end the Syrian Conflict and ensure that all the concerns are explored and that those who are found guilty of crimes against humanity - on both sides of the conflict - are brought to justice. ISIS brutality is a reminder to Christians of their brutality in the past, and such brutality cannot be allowed in the 21st Century.

It is so easy for world leaders to forget that it is not only governments and those who are rebelling against them in violent ways that they must consider - but the innocent people caught in the crossfire when nations fall apart and descend into civil wars.

I urge everyone therefore to stop the arms trade and provide no more weapons to any conflict zones and help with the humanitarian aid efforts and the refugees who are displaced and seeking help from neighbouring nations who are being swamped by the magnitude of the situation and need help caring for these people.

The European Union is under threat from those who have hard hearts who want to turn people away and embark on a road that will only lead to tyranny in all parts of the world because it is dividing nations. Germany is showing the way, and I know things are difficult for you, and others must do the same to share the burden until Syria can be rebuilt and the people return.

place that can lead to devastating effects throughout the whole world and I am asking the people of all Nations to pray for peace and for your leaders - both political and spiritual.

Good Health, Thank You and God Bless.

A blessing on all our homes, in this world and the next.