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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Spiritual Leaders

I humbly pray that all spiritual leaders reflect on their position in society and recognise that the authority entrusted to you is to lead the faithful into a deeper and more personal relationship with God and accept the truth to whom much is given - much is expected.

I urge you to come away from from your comfort zone and open your eyes to the reality of the situation that we see in the world. The hate, fear and prejudice that we see in the world has been created through religious bigotry and religious pride. It is this that has created a world of fear and prejudice and opened the door to lies and deceit that has torn the people of God apart.

The power entrusted to us comes with great responsibility and collectively people of all faiths have to take responsibility for the troubles of today. We see our Muslim brothers divided and at war with each other and people of other faiths. This cause deep hurt and pain in Heaven and I ask Christians to remember how in the past - The Christian Church was at war with each other and acted exactly in the same manner as we see the Muslim people of today.

All spiritual leaders of all faiths need to put away their own personal beliefs and teachings by opening your hearts and minds to God and re-dedicate your lives to God and offer your lives to His service once more. There is much hidden within the roots of all faiths and in time we will all find the answers we seek and will understand the ways of God more deeply to allow us all to grow in God’s love, joy and peace.

Unless we are able to embrace the whole of humanity and God’s creation, we will not be able to do our service to God and His people justice. I humbly pray you will decide to serve God in Spirit and Truth and not allow yourself to be trapped in the past.

Our Ancestors shared their faith with us and their writings have been a source of encouragement, but humanity must move forward and we must always constantly be aware that when humanity becomes more enlightened, that sometimes we need to break free from the past and embrace the future and follow where God will lead humanity.

God creates all things through evolution and humanity is evolving into a more closer image of God, but the process is a painful one for all if we are not willing to move forward. Where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is Liberty and Freedom. You can only truly be liberated and free if you can except and respect the liberty and freedom of others. If you judge and condemn others, it is yourself who you condemn.

Thank You and God Bless.