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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Russian Conflict

Call for Peace & Reconciliation

In times of change it is understandable that people and nations are concerned, but hostility towards fellow citizens in our world should be resisted and diplomacy should always be the main objective in all relations with other nations.

The Ukrainian People have a right to pursue their own freedoms to choose closer links with the European Union and the people of Crimea also have the right to pursue their own freedoms, but not surrounded with hostile troops and not looking down the barrel of a gun.

The bravery and restraint of the Ukraine Parliament and the People, are an encouragement for those seeking a peaceful solution through diplomacy. I humbly ask President Putin to reconsider has a gesture of goodwill to withdraw Russian Troops and Militia from Crimea and end the training exercise on the borders of the Ukraine.

This year we see the Scottish Referendum on Independence and there are calls from other Nations around the world for their own sovereignty. Has Mahatma Gandhi once said;

“If we are to make progress, we must not repeat history, but make new history. We must add to the inheritance left by our ancestors.”

All through history we have seen wars and civil conflicts which have bred fear and prejudice and we must therefore seek peace and reconciliation and allow freedoms for people of other Nations to re-establish their own sovereignty, however painful this is to national pride.

All leaders of every nation must act justly and fairly towards their own people and their neighbours and ensure every citizen regardless of nationality, creed or colour, sex or sexuality, age or disability are free to live their lives freely. Every citizen on Earth must be allowed to live and let live.