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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Reflection on Our Blessed Mother of God’s

Messages from Medjugorje Given to Visionary Mirjana

These two messages are confirmation to me and explains why humility is the only way we can grow and become cognizant of the mystery’s and beauty of Our God.

When we become aware that God is in us and we are in him, then we realise that we do not carry our crosses on our own, but with God. It is then we realise that God is also in our neighbour carrying their cross, and so if we reach out to them and help them carry their cross, we are helping them and God as well.

Jesus explained to his Disciple Thomas what Mary is explaining to us today, when He said to Thomas He was in the wood. What Jesus was telling Thomas was that he was in all of God’s creation, because that is what being one with God means.

When we are aware that we are in Christ and Christ is in us, our bonds of love grow stronger and we realise we are in our partners, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters also. Jesus said do not judge or condemn, less you find yourself condemned, is a warning that if we reject someone, we are rejecting ourselves and Christ.

That is why Mary from Medjugorje asks us to love and forgive unconditionally because that is the path of Truth and Love. humanity has been scarred for thousands of years and we need to be patient with each other and accept we are responsible for the problem and also the solution to the problem.

By carrying in our hearts the light of Mary Our Heavenly Mother and the light of Christ Our Brother, we can begin on the journey of becoming one with God and Christ, and then our light will shine in the darkness for all to see.


A blessing on all our homes, in this world and the next.