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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Our God’s Rainbow Promise

Many years ago God woke me up in the middle of the night because he wanted to explain to me about His rainbow promise that He gave to Noah for all humanity and so I got up and reflected on what God was revealing to me – I realised that the promise he gave to Noah was for all humanity through the sign of the rainbow and God wanted me to remind humanity of Gods Promise again.

It was a promise not of destruction but for ever lasting life with God and it was a promise He fulfilled through Christ Jesus our Lord and it is a promise God wants me to give to humanity again for all those who come to Him through Jesus Christ, and Jesus has asked me to feed His sheep of many folds, so I am offering Christ Jesus Our Lord to the whole of humanity regardless of your creed or colour, sex or sexuality, age or disability.

All of our roots are important to God and Christ, and I want to lead you all into one fold where we can all learn to respect each other and our roots so we can see ourselves as equals before God and grow in love for each other and God. Amen!

Prophecy Being Fulfilled

God promised that in the last days He would use the despised and rejected of mankind to humble the proud and exalt the humble.

For many years we have seen the Gay Community gaining their Liberty and Freedom with civil partnerships and gay marriage becoming legalised in many Countries throughout the world. They took up Gods Rainbow as a symbol of their Liberty and Freedom, and God will bless them for keeping the Rainbow Promise - A symbol of Liberty and Freedom - Alive.

Please reflect on these words of Jesus;

“Blessed are you when people utter all kinds of evil against you on My account, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“What you do to the least of my brethren - you do also to Me.”