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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Dare To Be A Daniel

Pride Not Prejudice

Mankind must overcome it’s Fear & Prejudice or the battle to defeat Racism; Sexism and Homophobia for these evils are corrupting the minds of God’s People. A prophecy of Nostradamus was once interpreted that homosexuality would bring the church down in the last days; but it is homophobia; sexism and racism that is driving people away from churches.

The Abomination is not a child of God; it is Homophobia; Sexism and Racism; it is Fear and Prejudice and I would never call a Racist; Sexist or Homophobe an Abomination either. I understand how your hearts have been played to turn people against each other and God. I know you did not know what you were doing; so please fight that Abomination in your hearts and minds and turn to Jesus Christ anew.

Remember what God told the Prophet Jeremiah; Do not let your sins drag you down; I have plans for you; plans for everlasting life; not destruction. Remember the covenant God gave to Noah; I give you the sign of the Rainbow, to remind you that I will not bring such devastation on this world; but will send my Fire! God fulfilled this Promise through our Lord Jesus Christ; and Through Him, God will Send The Fire of the Holy Spirit to cleanse and heal you minds.

The Prophet Joel Prophesied that in the last days; God’s Spirit will fall on all flesh; and that means the whole of creation and humanity; regardless of Creed or Colour; Sex or Sexuality; Age or Disability: Collectively we can all destroy the Abomination and make way for God’s Kingdom in all our hearts.

To The Gay Community; Thank You for giving the world God’s Rainbow Promise of Liberty & Freedom; God is with You!