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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

God’s Precious Jewel

One day a man had a dream that he was a mountaineer and was scaling a mountain with the highest peak in the universe. At the peak there appeared an old man with a beautiful flowing beard and the man gazed into the old mans eyes and saw that they were so beautiful that he had never seen anything comparable.

As the man drew close to the old man, the old man held out a jewel in his hand and dissolved it down and then cast it into the outer world where it shattered into a million pieces. When the man asked the old man why he had done that, the old man replied,

"That my son was Truth and the error of mortal man is that they have got a grain of Truth or more, built a wall around it, and said to man - I have got the whole Truth".

Author Unknown

The old man in this dream is our Heavenly Father, who is the “Ancient of Days”, and is different things to all men. This dream tells us that while we may all have some truth, we alone do not have the whole truth. That is why we need to listen and share with each other so that we can piece the truth together.

Faithful & True