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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Buddhist Blessing

Testimony of The Wise Fly

One day outside the hospital a fly flew down and land on his back in front of me. I asked the fly why he was on his back and he sat up. I then touched the fly first on his left and then on his right, but he refused to move. With sixth sense he told me he wanted to become a dragon so that he could urinate properly and so we discussed how he could achieve his prayer to be a dragon. He agreed to start from a fly to at three inch dragon fly that I had seen emerge from my pond, that would be a good way to begin to grow into a dragon. That was a very wise dragon fly that was only a fly.

We can learn from this “Wise Fly” how through evolution God creates all things, for each “Day of Creation is One God Task no matter how many days are in a million years. Caterpillar to Butterfly - Tadpole - Frog are examples we see each year of evolution in progress. Solar Flares from the sun to new worlds and stars being born. God is Glorious.

Testimony of The Spider

One night me and my true love was having a quite evening and I made a joke about the song where an old lady swallowed a fly but she couldn’t swallow a spider to catch the fly; because that would not be Buddha. I went into the kitchen to make a drink and my partner called back to show me something. When I got in the lounge he pointed to the wall above the fireplace next to a print of Mary and we saw a spider crawling up the wall and it stayed by our Framed Print of Our Lady all night. (The Madonna of The Rock)

This is The Gospel Truth

Yours in Christ

Faithful & True