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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Hindu Blessing

One night I woke up surround by Hindu Children sprinkling petals of flowers on our bed in London. Startled; I reached out and held the arm of a child and they all looked to an Angel standing by my partner asleep. The Angel nodded to me and I let go of the child and went back to sleep. Our Hindu Neighbours had being praying for us you see.

This symbolised new life and I realised that what Saint Thomas felt when he placed his finger in the nail wounds of Jesus two thousand years ago was the same as the Spirits of Hindu Children. They are the seeds of the Jews and another lost tribe like Buddhists.

I travelled back in time connected through Hindu Children, Saint Thomas and Jesus Christ to Christ on the Cross and saw through Christ eyes on the Cross, death walking up the hill towards him. As I looked at death, death turned around and walked away and never touched Christ.

This is The Gospel Truth

Yours in Christ

Faithful & True

Time travel has been a fantasy for many and yet scriptural visions of the future and memories of the past it is possible through the Spirit of God. Although I went back 2000 years, I was already there 2000 years ago before I was born. I can just testify to The Death and Resurrection of Christ, through Saint Thomas and Spirits of Hindu Children.