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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Good Shepherd’s Teaching On

True Family Values - Respect For Women

One day when Abraham was walking behind his wife and other women a gust of wind blew causing the women’s clothes to blow over their heads embarrassing his wife and the other women. Abraham from that day on - started to walk in front of the women to avoid embarrassment to the women should such an instance occur again.

The Custom of Men walking in front of women therefore was based out of respect for women. The tradition today however has lost all respect for women because some see that women are below a man and should not walk in front of them.

This unfortunately is how sexism has replaced respect for women and why Scripture needs a discerning spirit. Therefore pray and ask for the Gift of Discernment from The Holy Spirit, before you take Scripture, Tradition or Custom, to be appropriate for today or true in the light of further enlightenment.

 May God Bless All Your Families.