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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Cardinal Basil Hume

In September 1999 I took seriously ill and my mum saw Angels lift my spirit up to heaven. I was in spirit and travelling throughout the universe and beyond preaching and proclaiming Jesus Christ our Lord. Eventually I found myself looking down a tunnel of light and at the end I saw a door.

Has I gazed down the tunnel of light the door opened and Basil Hume came out towards me and gave me a message. He then started to come towards me on his hands and knees making something for me made out of “Toy Clay” with all the colours of the Rainbow; and he said he would give it me the next time I saw him.

I was present at one of Basil Hume’s last Masses at Saint Mary Magdalene Church Willesden Green, London, where he gave his homily. Basil said in his homily;

“ God is in Love with You.”

And when our eyes met, I knew that was a message to cherish for us all and that Basil wanted me to remind people, that God is in love with humanity.

Cardinal Basil Hume was a Member of the Order of Saint Benedict and Archbishop Westminster, London England in the United Kingdom, until he passed away in June 1999 after carrying the cross of cancer. God be with you.


“Toy Clay” is  Plasticine and or Play-Doh which young children play and make things with.