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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

The Global Challenge

Power to the people

The five evils that humanity must overcome are wars, famine, pestilence, disease and contamination.

Humanity has raped the earth for its black gold - oil, coal and gas. Yet humanity has the technologies to use the energy of the earth with deep source heat pumps. This is better than wind, wave and solar energy and investment into the science and engineering of the development of these deep source heat pumps will have long lasting and life changing rewards for all nations.

The challenge for all world leaders will be the resistance of big business and nations who have heavily invested into environmental damaging projects such has fracking, nuclear energy, oil and gas pipelines.

The future benefits however are our homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces, could be supplied with energy from beneath the earth. No more expensive pipelines for oil and gas supplies, no more nuclear waste.

It would open up more investment and research into electric cars and bikes with charging points at home and at work. Some heaters now can generate 5kw of power from just 1kw of power. Research and investment into generators to do the same will enable greater advances for the technologies behind the deep source heat pumps.

In the long term it will generate more cooperation between nations and reduce tensions. Many wars have been committed over the years because of the growing demand for oil and gas, with many lives lost. With the potential for every nation to generate enough energy for their own people, the path to peaceful relations will be enhanced.

I urge all leaders to take up this challenge, because with no use for black gold anymore and with nuclear power stations decommissioned, the global environment with the help of mother nature, will gradually start to reverse the effects of global warming.