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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Welcome To Santa’s Grotto

A little boy goes to see Santa and he sits on his Santa's knee, and he says to Father Christmas; “I don't want any presents this year, I want my grandma to have her memory back”. And Father Christmas said; “Well I see what I can do about that, but I've got something special for you which I am going to put in your heart. Now I’d like to speak to your mummy if I may please and your daddy”. So the little boy’s mummy and daddy goes to see Father Christmas.

“I understand that your mother is losing her memory?” “Yes!” says the mother; “She keeps repeating herself and forgets that she has already told me things”. And Father Christmas says; “Well out of the kindness of your heart you can give her something very special, when she gives you some advice treat it as though it is the first time you heard it and say; “O that’s a wonderful gift to impart your wisdom on me like that mum.” And give her a hug. And if she doesn't recognise you at times it’s because she remembers you when you was at the most beautiful in your youth before age caught up with you. So go in peace, God Bless.”

A little girl goes and sits on Father Christmas knee and says to Father Christmas; “I only got a lump of coal last year!” And Father Christmas said; Well that’s so you can put it on the fires at the North Pole to keep my feet warm and because I’ve got a special message for your heart, and you’ve got something special coming this Christmas which I’m going place in your heart. So run along with Nanny Mc Phee.” “O thank you Father Christmas.” “Run along”.

Now I’ve got a message for all parents from Father Christmas. If you get a lump of coal, then put it on the fires at the North Pole to keep Father Christmas feet warm, please, because he's got a special message to put in your heart, this Christmas. Because every father who opens their heart to Father Christmas – Father Christmas is in their heart. And every mother who opens their heart to Mother Christmas – Mother Christmas is in their heart. So I say to all parents, run along with Mary Poppins - There’s probably some chalk pictures she would like to show you.

To Stoke up the Fires of North Pole and keep Father Christmas feet warm,

place a lump of coal in the garden.