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By Anthony Skelton

April 2016

Good Shepherd’s Teaching On

Head of the Family Home - The Mother

In a Holy Family of God, our Mothers are the Head of the Household and the Father is the Protector of the Family. Mothers and Fathers should therefore seek to have a personal relationship with God in order to bring their family up in a good and honest home. In 2014 the year of “IX” I am therefore requesting that families adopt the following guidelines on becoming a Holy, Honest and Respectful Family.

Mothers and Fathers should teach their children to love the Lord Our God with all their heart; soul, mind and strength; And love their neighbours as themselves. They should teach their children to respect other peoples homes and property and respect the liberty and freedoms of all. They should live their life to the full and aspire to be the person God chose you to be; without fear or prejudice and to their own hearts be true; And then they will be true to God.

They should teach them the Truth that God desires to dwell in their hearts and minds of the family; and open their homes to the Spirit of God. When you open your homes to God; the dinning table becomes the burning bush of God’s heart; And when your children ask what’s for dinner; tell them to take walk round the table; which means say your prayers in your heart; we are dinning with God and you will call them when dinner is ready. This way you can make meal times for young children fun with God.

Children will always honour their mothers and fathers when parents or guardians teach them respect for others; because you have treated them with respect by teaching them true family values. Beware that any phobias you may have can be picked up by young children and it can have adverse effects on their lives latter in life and on the wider community.

For example; A kiss between two men can only be a positive image for children. People being embarrassed about however can confuse children and give them hang ups later in life which leads to guilt; shame or prejudice.  It only takes one, 'Ewe' in disgut from people in reaction to two men kissing; which can pollute a child's mind.

May God Bless All Your Families